ApsGis™ .NET DLL v.1.0.0

ApsGis™ .NET DLL is the .NET library of GIS conversion / transformation tools between Geodetic and Cartesian coordinate systems, Mercator, Transverse Mercator (TM), and Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) projections.


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  • Supported coordinate systems: Geodetic, Cartesian.
  • Supported projections: Mercator, Transverse Mercator (TM), and Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM).
  • Supported reference ellipsoids: Airy (1830), Australian National, Bessel 1841 - Ethiopia - Indonesia - Japan - Korea, Bessel 1841 - Namibia, Clarke 1866, Clarke 1880, Everest - Brunei and E. Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak), Everest - India 1830, Everest - India 1956, Everest - Pakistan, Everest - W. Malaysia and Singapore 1948, Everest - W. Malaysia 1969, GRS 80 - Geodetic Reference System 1980, Helmert 1906, Hough 1960, Indonesian 1974, International 1924, Krassovsky 1940, Modified Airy, Modified Fischer 1960 (South Asia), South American 1969, WGS 72 - World Geodetic System 1972, WGS 84 - World Geodetic System 1984
  • Functions for conversion between supported coordinate systems and projections.
  • Functions for distance and bearing calculation between two points on a reference ellipsoid.
  • Function for a destination point calculation from a given point, bearing and distance on a reference ellipsoid.
  • Functions for parsing and validation of GIS data.
  • Auxiliary UTM projection related functions: lookup of the central meridian of a UTM zone, finding UTM zones to which a geographic coordinate belongs and more...
  • UTM related functions take into account the 40.0 km overlap with the adjacent UTM zones and 0.5 degree overlap with UPS (Univeral Polar Stereographic) projection.
  • Flexible license terms (see details).
  • Single file deployment.
  • Ready to be used in Microsoft .NET applications (C#, C++, Visual Basic and etc.)


Supported Languages: C#, VB.NET, C++.NET, J#, MSIL and many more...

Supported Platforms: Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

Supported .NET Framework: 2.0 or higher.



Technical documentation:

ApsGis™ .NET DLL Online Documentation (MSDN style)


To test results of ApsGis™ .NET DLL, check

C# Example:

   string errorMessage = String.Empty;

   GeoEllipsoid ge = GeoEllipsoid.WE;

   double xInM = 1114120.60285998;
   double yInM = -4844685.62652945;
   double zInM = 3982807.8497531;

   double latInDeg = Double.NaN;
   double lonInDeg = Double.NaN;
   double hInM = Double.NaN;

   if (Cartesian.ConvertCartesianToGeodetic(ge, xInM, yInM, zInM, out latInDeg, out lonInDeg, out hInM, out errorMessage))
      Console.WriteLine("Conversion succeeded.");
      Console.WriteLine("LatInDeg: " + latInDeg.ToString());
      Console.WriteLine("LonInDeg: " + lonInDeg.ToString());
      Console.WriteLine("HeightInM: " + hInM.ToString());
      Console.WriteLine("Conversion failed. " + errorMessage);

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