ApsNadcon™ .NET DLL v.2.0.0

ApsNadcon™ .NET library provides conversion of geographic coordinates between NAD 27 and NAD 83 datums.


ApsNadcon™ .NET DLL v.2.0.0 (Single Developer License)   –   $29.99       Buy It   


  • Uses NGS NADCON method and grid files.
  • Conversion results are identical to NGS results.
  • Flexible license terms (see details).
  • Single file deployment.
  • Includes auxuliary tools related with NADCON conversion, such as a function that checks if a geographic coordinate is inside NADCON boundaries, exceptions and more. For more information see "ApsNadcon™ .NET DLL v.2.0.0 User's Guide"
  • Ready to be used in Microsoft .NET applications (C#, C++, Visual Basic and etc.)


Supported Languages: C#, VB.NET, C++.NET, J#, MSIL and many more...

Supported Platforms: Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista.

Supported .NET Framework: 2.0 or higher.



Technical documentation:

"ApsNadcon™ .NET DLL v.2.0.0 User's Guide"

ApsNadcon™ .NET DLL v.2.0.0 Online Documentation (MSDN style)


To test results of ApsNadcon™ .NET DLL, check Online NAD 27 / NAD 83 conversion tool which is based on it.

C# Example:

   // Conversion from NAD27 to NAD83

   double latInDegNad27 = 45.13;
   double lonInDegNad27 = -120.1313;

   double latInDegNad83 = Double.NaN;
   double lonInDegNad83 = Double.NaN;
   double latShiftInSec = Double.NaN;
   double lonShiftInSec = Double.NaN;

   string errorMessage = String.Empty;

   Console.WriteLine("Lat NAD27: " + latInDegNad27.ToString());
   Console.WriteLine("Lon NAD27: " + lonInDegNad27.ToString());

   if (!ApsNadcon.ConvertToNad83(
         out latInDegNad83,
         out lonInDegNad83,
         out latShiftInSec,
         out lonShiftInSec,
         out errorMessage))
      Console.WriteLine("Error: " + errorMessage);
      Console.WriteLine("Lat NAD83: " +
      Console.WriteLine("Lon NAD83: " +

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